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Simple and fun activities to do with your newborn

Simple and fun activities to do with your newborn

Newborn babies can only see about a foot away during the first few weeks. Everything around them appear a hazy gray to them so there is not much fun nor use in waving colourful toys. Their hearing is fairy developed and is able to recognise their mother’s voice.

Song and Rhythm Fun
Notice how alert your baby is when you call out or coo affectionately to them. Sing, hum or even play soft, melodious music. Clap your hands softly and snap your fingers to the rhythm. This will keep your baby engaged during his/her waking hours.

Reading a book is a great way to bond with your little one. Babies from 0-3 months are alert to the voices around them and they enjoy exaggerated sounds.
Choose a book that contains simple sentences and familiar words. Have fun, read with different intonation and different expressions. Remember not to shout.

Engaging Sights Around The Crib
Give your new baby lots of different things to look at. One simple way to do this is to move his crib or baby seat from one interesting spot to another. At first, he won’t be able to see anything more than a foot away from him in great detail, but he’ll nevertheless enjoy the delicate play of shadows your window blinds project onto a nearby wall, a bright curtain gently fluttering in the breeze, and the varied shapes and colors of a big houseplant or an outdoor tree or bush.
Once your little one turns a month older, his/her vision will improve considerably. Patterns, fixtures, pictures on the wall in colour or just black and white, will keep him/her amused for hours.
Place the crib in such a way that your baby can see all the objects around him/her. When you cradle your baby and sit either on the couch or at the dining table, observe how his/her eyes widen at the unfamiliar objects and colours. This is a great way to improve the baby’s recognition of his/her surroundings.

Gentle Play With Little Hands And Feet
While your newborn’s reflexes gradually develop in time, you may want to engage in gentle play with him/her. Babies respond to touch spontaneously. You may have noticed that when you touch your baby’s palm with your finger, he/she quickly catches hold of it. Touch your baby’s fingers and toes. Hold his/her feet and allow him/her to peddle away and kick.

Face To Face Fun
Your baby simple loves the sight of you. Of all the newborn activities, face-to-face time is very important in strengthening the mother-child bond. Make funny faces, smile and clap your hands. Talk and coo to your baby while cuddling or swaddling him/her.

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