Baby Showers Favours - Baby Bouquets

Baby Showers Favours

Baby showers are all about celebrating mum-to-be, but don’t forget about the friends and family joining in the pre-baby festivities. Show fellow partygoers your appreciation with a small gift. These tokens can vary in kind and price depending on the host’s budget, and many opt to go the DIY route for a more personal touch. Fortunately, with all the resources available today, coming up with these special gifts has become as easy as it is enjoyable.

Here are some ideas for you to use if you are hosting a baby shower.

1. A bundle of joy.

Put together a small box or basket of sweet-smelling things for your friends’ dressers: scented soap, hand lotion, and a hand sanitiser. Some hosts like to create baskets of candy and cookies, or chocolate. It all depends on what you think your guests will like.

BabyShowers - about-to-pop
About to Pop!

2. About to pop!

For this favour, all you need to do is purchase regular soda cans
and package them with Kraft paper bags which pair perfectly with your personalise floral circle labels. Once your cans are packaged in the bags, just secure them with some twine and attach your label.

BabyShowers - Mum-to-bee


There’s no sweeter way to let the guests know it was sweet of them to come by than with a jar of delicious, golden honey. Add a bumble bee favour tag and some colourful twine, and your favour is set to give.


4. Light up!

Tell the guests that they have light up your day. A simple and inexpensive way to show them that their presence is appreciated  is to gift each one with a scented candle. A scented candle is always welcome because every household has use for such an item.