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Our business started with a passion to create products that are perfectly adorable, affordable and practical! Making it the perfect gift for every new or experienced parent.

Our wonderful selection of baby and children gifts are presented in a unique, fun way that makes it a wonderful present for both the child and parents. We combine practicality with presentation – “We wanted to create a gift that was attractive yet practical and useful. Our quality and attention to detail is what makes our items stand out from those of our online competitors.

With this in mind, we use only the quality products and brands in our items.  All diapers cakes are currently made using ‘Drypers’ diapers in size M.

Enjoy browsing through our site, and please feel free to contact us with any queries, we are always happy to help!

A final note: Every item is handmade, that’s what makes it really unique, so you can expect slight variations from the pictures on our site