Baby Showers Ideas - Baby Bouquets

Baby Showers Ideas

Hosting a Baby Shower? We have you covered! We want your baby shower to be an event to remember!

Baby showers are all about celebrating a woman’s passage into motherhood and anticipating the arrival of a new member of the family. We believe that every baby and every expectant mom deserve to be celebrated with a baby shower, regardless of whether the baby on the way is mom’s first!

So browse around, enjoy the page, and feel free to email us your own fresh ideas for celebrating and congratulating a growing family!

Baby Shower Themes


Choose just one color, and decorate everything in different shades of it. For example, if you choose pink, you might decorate with two or three different shades of pink helium balloons, two different shades of pink streamers, different shades of pink for your plates, napkins, utensils, and cups, and you could even request on the invitations that your guests wear pink if they would like! This is so easy to do, but it looks so gorgeous when the room is completed. You could also do this with two different colors, for example, all different shades of pink and yellow, or all different shades of pink and purple, but you will get the most dramatic effect from not more than two colors.

All White

This is a variation of the monochromatic theme – instead of all different shades of one color, just choose all different shades of white! This theme is super versatile, because it works for a boy, a girl, or a baby whose gender is going to be a surprise! Fill the room with white balloons and white streamers, use white tablecloths and white slip covers for the chairs, or swags of white tulle above doorways and windows. Tell guests that the theme will be white on the invitations, and request that they wrap their gifts in shades of white. Make the cake all white and ivory.

Baby Garden Party

B is for Baby garden themed baby shower. This theme isn’t gender-specific, so it can be used for baby showers for baby boys and girls alike. Decorate with paper lanterns, butterflies, cute bugs, and silk flowers, you can also include a lot of other fun design elements, such as hearts, clouds, and the sun. For the food table, purchase terra cotta muffin cups, bake muffins in them, and top each one with a silk flower. The flower will look like it is growing in the muffin “dirt.” Chocolate muffins make the effect most dramatic. In a clear punch bowl, combine a two-liter of ginger ale, half a gallon of vanilla ice cream (or sherbet), and a few drops of blue food coloring just before guests arrive. Float lily pad and frogs floater candles in the “pond”. Choose a round cake, use basket-weave icing along the sides, and icing flowers on top. Add a handle, and you have a basket of flowers! And don’t forget the centerpiece! A Baby Bootie Bouquet matches perfectly with this floral/garden theme!

Pink or Blue?

We just love this one.  The Pink or Blue? baby shower theme is for a mom-to-be who has chosen to be surprised by the sex of her baby.  Decorate everything in pink and blue – pink and blue balloons, pink and blue streamers, pink and blue cups, plates, napkins and tableware.  Put a few drops of blue food color in the punch, and instead of cake, make cupcakes, and ice half of them in pink and half in blue. Request that guests show up wearing either pink or blue, according to their guess for the sex of the baby. You can even request that even though the shower gifts might be in neutral yellow, green or white, that they wrap their gift in pink or blue to represent their guess for the sex of the baby. Purchase pink “It’s a Girl” ribbon and blue “It’s a Boy” ribbon, and tie up little ribbon corsage, some in pink and some in blue.  Have guests choose one or the other, and wear their “guess” during the baby shower.  You can even separate them into teams for baby shower games, according to whether they are guessing pink or blue.  A pink and blue diaper cake makes the perfect centerpiece for this baby shower theme.  A wonderful and fun memento in baby’s scrapbook would be a picture of mom-to-be with all the baby shower guests.  Have the “pinks” stand on her left and the “blues” stand on her right. Have fun with this one and be creative, the possibilities are endless!

Rubber Ducky

Make a “Splash” at your baby shower with the adorable Rubber duckies. This is such a popular choice and such a favorite because it is so much fun.  It makes a great baby shower theme when baby is a boy, because blue and yellow lend themselves so perfectly to this theme, but pink and yellow for a girl, or white and yellow for a neutral theme would work just as well.  Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the ginger ale punch and float a couple of rubber duckies in the punch.  Decorate the room with rubber duckies and ducky soaps of different sizes. Add yellow balloons and streamers. Make cute little signs that you can display in picture frames that say “Please don’t feed the ducks!” Serve food using Baby Ducky paper plates, cups and napkins. Bake a yellow cake with a big ducky floating in a pond in the center.

 Under The Sea

An Under The Sea party can be very fun! Use seashells, tissue paper as sea weed and cut outs of little schools of fish on the wall. Create a pregnant fish or mermaid on the wall. The baby shower centerpieces can be decorative with cut out coral, sea anemones, and shells with a styrofoam base with glued on sand. Adding other ocean creatures such as star fish, colourful fish, and coral decorations and put them in a aquarium for some fun too.You can also use treasure chests and fill them with baby shower treasures of diapers, rattles, rompers and other baby shower items that are helpful for the mommy to be. Have cut out shells that people can write their baby advice for the parents to be. Alternatively, you can create your own ocean inspired twist on the traditional “advice for the mom” baby shower activity. Instead of giving everyone a card to write on, give them a sheet of paper that can be rolled up and placed in a bottle (maybe even a baby bottle). The mother-to-be can then play “Message in a Bottle” by opening and reading the messages. Place aquatic confetti on the tables and serve pasta shells, sushi rolls and blue punch.

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