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Customers Testimonials

Bouquet of flowers? No! It’s a bouquet of baby clothing! Awesome workmanship by Baby Bouquets : )             Ngo Hui Juan, Singapore

Thanks for this bouquet of baby clothes…we can’t bear to use it – From Lizz Tan who received our Baby Bouquet from Hui Juan.

My friend on right said the bouquet was Such a unique and lovely flower bouquet with cute baby clothes -Melissa Toh

I bought this sweet diaper cake for Julia. totally worth the money! I am so pleased w the gift and the prompt service of baby bouquets:)) Sharon Foo
Thank You BabyBouquets for the lovely ‘Take Me Home’ Bouquet for my friend Claire Dinsmore to celebrate the birth of her son, Senan. Kellie Steffensen

LOVE the gorgeous bouquet! Fab present! Thanks a mil Kellie Steffensen and BabyBouquets xx Claire Dinsmore

Thank you Babybouquets for the lovely bassinet. We love it so much! Thx. It’s lovely ^_^
Patt and Kong, Thailand
Small Pink Bassinet

A lovely ‘bouquet’ for my cousin’s baby. My cousin says it’s really unique!

Suzanne, Singapore                                                                                                                                                          ‘Take Me Home’ Boy Bouquet

The gift is beautiful! It’s creatively & wonderfully put together :) I will recommend this as a great gift for any babies!

Eve, Singapore                                                                                                                                                                    ‘Let’s Head out’ Boy Bouquet

It was really awesome and real surprise for the newborn mummy! Thanks for this! >.<

Gilline Ng, Singapore                                                                                                                                                        ‘Let’s Head out’ Girl Bouquet

It is so lovely to receive this creative and beautiful bouquet for my coming newborn! Love the message too! Thank you.

Cheryl Gerrick, Australia                                                                                                                                           ‘Welcome Home’ Girl Bouquet

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