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Mum&Bub Monster Truck Diaper Cake

Mum&Bub Monster Truck diaper cake customised to a client’s needs. Instead of having essence of chicken inside, we replaced it with a box of bird’s nest and added an additional plush toy Check out the contents thats goes into our Mum&Bub Monster Truck diaper cake at!/~/product/category=6257024&id=28361857

Looking for unique diaper cakes in Singapore?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This morning to kick off our week, is the delivery of our Small Bassinet diaper cake. Simply love the colours put together.!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16461095 Looking for unique diaper cakes in Singapore? Check out our range of diaper cake at 

Handmade Baby Gifts

What a busy morning we had. Delivering our Small Bassinet to a lovely baby boy.!/~/product/category=5615099&id=18400246

Unique Baby Gift

A few friends got together, bought our ‘Welcome Home’ bouquet and Mum&Bub Monster Truck for their mate whom just had a baby.

Looking for Daddy to be gift?

Let the new dad feel that he is celebrated too! Our ‘Adorable Team’ gift is available online now! Especially for the Daddy-to-be …

Looking for baby gifts?

Feeling pink today. How about you? Delivered our sweet treat to a sweet little girl for her full month celebration. Check out …

Baby gift -baby bouquet

A family of uncles & aunties specially bought our bouquet for their niece whom recently became a new mum. She is so …

Sweet cupcakes as a baby gift

Specially custom made our Sweet Cupcakes which is made out of wash cloths and socks for a client. Enjoy the sweetness!!!

Daddy To Be Gift Sets

A sneak preview to our Daddies’ gift sets. This is our ‘Adorable Team’ gift set. Each set comes with a matching T-shirt …

Unusual gift for newborn

Looking for an unusual gift for the newborn and the new parents? Why not give them Baby Bouquets’s Diaper Cakes. It will …

Unique baby gift for baby girl

Unique baby gift for baby girl. Give one of our Sweet Dreams Lollies. Our Sweet dreams Lollies are made out of 2 sets of …

Send A Diaper Cake as Your Baby Gift

Sending our Monster Truck to Kandang Kerbau Hospital for the new parents who just welcome the arrival of their lovely newborn.!/~/product/category=3825421&id=25064105

Looking for unique Baby/ Children gifts

Kick start our day with the delivery of our Sweet Dreams Lollies. Check it out at!/~/product/category=3825423&id=23823163 It is also suitable for …

Diaper Cake- Small Bassinet

Delivering our adorable, Small Bassinet to the happy parents and their newborn. Beautifully crafted using baby essentials. Check it out at!/~/product/category=3825421&id=18400246

Baby Gift for Girl

Best of both worlds! Flowers and a diaper cake, all made with baby necessity and diapers. Flower Cake Bouquet for the lovely baby …

Unique Baby Gift

A neutral Flower Cake Bouquet to welcome the newborn to the family. Specially send to Malaysia for the new parents.!/~/product/category=5615099&id=24589695

Small Bassinet Diaper Cake For Girls

Have you seen our little, sweet, pink bassinet diaper cake for the lovely baby girl?!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16461095

Olivia The Owl Diaper Cake

Looks like Olivia The Owl is flying off the shelf too.!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16358580

Looking for Unique Diaper Cakes?

Check out our specially crafted diaper cakes designs for babies and mums!!/~/category/id=3825421&offset=0&sort=normal Specially created Blossom the Cow ‘Special Delivery’ for a loyal …

Looking for unique baby gift?

Create an lasting impression with your baby gift. Check out our tricycle diaper cake – Blossom is off to a lovely new family. …