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Looking for unique diaper cakes in Singapore?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This morning to kick off our week, is the delivery of our Small Bassinet diaper cake. Simply love the colours put together. http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16461095 Looking for unique diaper cakes in Singapore? Check out our range of diaper cake at www.babybouquets.com.sg 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Delivered our beautifully crafted bouquet to our client who is attending a baby shower this Saturday. Flowers never fail to brighten up someones day, what more when they are dual purpose! Need more ideas? Check out our website www.babybouquets.com.sg for more unique gift ideas.  

Looking for baby gifts?

Feeling pink today. How about you? Delivered our sweet treat to a sweet little girl for her full month celebration. Check out …

Daddy To Be Gift Sets

A sneak preview to our Daddies’ gift sets. This is our ‘Adorable Team’ gift set. Each set comes with a matching T-shirt …

Unique ideas for baby gifts

Helped a customer to combine her orders, a Tricycle Diaper cake and a Take Me Home bouquet into 1. We love the …

Send A Diaper Cake as Your Baby Gift

Sending our Monster Truck to Kandang Kerbau Hospital for the new parents who just welcome the arrival of their lovely newborn. http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825421&id=25064105

Diaper Cake- Small Bassinet

Delivering our adorable, Small Bassinet to the happy parents and their newborn. Beautifully crafted using baby essentials. Check it out at http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825421&id=18400246

Unique Baby Gift – Baby Bouquet

Let’s head out bouquet for the new mum and her adorable baby girl. http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825422&id=16461047

Baby Gift for Girl

Best of both worlds! Flowers and a diaper cake, all made with baby necessity and diapers. Flower Cake Bouquet for the lovely baby …

Unique Baby Gift

A neutral Flower Cake Bouquet to welcome the newborn to the family. Specially send to Malaysia for the new parents. http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=5615099&id=24589695

Small Bassinet Diaper Cake For Girls

Have you seen our little, sweet, pink bassinet diaper cake for the lovely baby girl? http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16461095

Olivia The Owl Diaper Cake

Looks like Olivia The Owl is flying off the shelf too. http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/product/category=3825421&id=16358580

Looking for Unique Diaper Cakes?

Check out our specially crafted diaper cakes designs for babies and mums! http://babybouquets.com.sg/#!/~/category/id=3825421&offset=0&sort=normal Specially created Blossom the Cow ‘Special Delivery’ for a loyal …

Welcome Home Bouquet – Baby Boy

  ‘Welcome Home’ bouquet – $68 (Inclusive of local delivery) Each ‘Welcome Home’ Bouquet includes: 1 bodysuit, 1 Carter’s bib, , one …

Diaper Cake – Olivia The Owl

Olivia The Owl – $88 (inclusive of local delivery) Ingredients Include: 30pcs of diapers (Drypers S size) 1 Owen receiving blankets (100% …