Why Choose BB Diaper Cakes? - Baby Bouquets

Why Choose BB Diaper Cakes?

Why Choose Baby Bouquets for Your Diaper Cake?

 Because we promise you:

Quality design that makes our cakes stand out from the crowd.

Our diaper cakes are designed and handcrafted with loving care, to the highest level of artistry and quality, which can be used as centerpieces or table decorations.

We only use quality ingredients so that you know that you are giving the best to that special newborn.

We use brands that parents have come to know and trust such as Baby Gap, Gerber, Pigeon, luvable friends, hudson baby, and Drypers. Our attention to details ensures that your gift will be remember, used and appreciated.

Quality assembly ensures your cake reflects positively on you, the gift giver.

Baby Bouquets Diaper Cakes are designed by mothers for parents and their cherished newborns. We know that when it comes to the most precious of arrivals, only the best will do. And of course, we know how important it is to make the new parents happy, and reflect well on you or your company too. That’s why you’ll never see a frayed ribbon or anything less than perfect on our diaper cakes.

Everything we used to make our cakes is 100% usable

We do not use glue, tape or pins that will damage the diapers. We do not unfold diapers, we make sure that every diaper is as fresh and usable as it was the moment it came from the package.

Currently we are using Drypers M size  in our cakes as it fits most babies the longest. The baby who was born small will grow into them, the bigger baby will not outgrow them too soon, It allows the cake to be enjoyed a little longer before mummy has to take it apart.